What We’re Thankful For in 2015



2015 has been a big year for ScrollMotion, and as we get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, we wanted to share a few highlights that we’re extremely thankful for.

New Partnerships! It’s been said that 2015 was the “Year of Enterprise Mobility” and we were thrilled to see so many leading companies embrace this belief that we’ve held for years. This year, more and more companies have committed to accelerating the adoption of mobile apps within the workplace, and two of the world’s largest companies tapped ScrollMotion to help lead the charge.

From our work with Apple as a member of its Mobility Partners Program to Airwatch by VMware and the ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) program, we’re honored to join forces with so many like-minded companies on a mission to change the way the world works.

New Clients! We’ve been so excited to see the caliber of companies start their interactive content strategy this year. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of our new clients, including the above partners, Dow Water, SAP and JP Morgan, just to name a few.

New Features! Our team has been hard at work adding additional features to the ScrollMotion Enterprise Platform, including the Analytics Dashboard and Push Notifications! These new features were two of the most requested by our users and are available with every Enterprise license.

You! We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this without the continual support of our families, friends, partners and clients. So, THANK YOU from me and the entire ScrollMotion team.

There are even more exciting things to come in 2016 that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned!



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