Scrollmotion Debuts Redesign and the Ingage Software Platform

Company rebranding introduces new software name, website, logos and design aesthetic

NEW YORK, October 26, 2016 — Scrollmotion, the world’s leader in interactive content creation, today unveils refreshed branding to support its renewed focus on innovative interactivity software. The core of the rebrand is the new platform name, Ingage.

Ingage is the software platform developed by Scrollmotion that’s used to create and share interactive touchscreen content. It encompasses both Scrollmotion’s current offering, formerly called the ScrollMotion Enterprise Platform, and its new product launching next month.

The Ingage platform name is a refection of the value Scrollmotion provides: helping businesses better engage their audiences using interactivity. Interactive + Engagement = Ingage.

“Our existing naming system was too complex,” states ScrollMotion President, Alan Braun. “We needed one name that clearly communicates what Scrollmotion does and the problem it solves. Ingage does just that.”

“No other company enables the creation of engaging interactive content like we do. ‘Ingage’ highlights that simple fact,” adds Dean Furbush, CEO, Scrollmotion.

Scrollmotion’s in house product design and marketing teams created the new look and feel. Senior Director of Product Design, Lisa Lytton, led the effort. Lytton previously led award-winning teams in visual storytelling and product design in her role as Director of Digital Storytelling and Digital Editions at National Geographic.

“Our previous product names and design were corporate in tone, which matched the company’s focus on providing robust business solutions for our enterprise clients,” said Lytton. “As our product line expands to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, we wanted our branding to feel friendlier and reflect the engaging nature of interactivity.”


New Logo The ‘O’s in the wordmark emulate the movement and interactivity Scrollmotion is known for. The geometric shapes and round angles of the letters speak to Scrollmotion’s fun and innovative approach to work. The dual colors represent both divisions of the company —product and agency.

New Icon Continuing the interactivity theme, the new mark is representative of a gesture on a touch screen device. An ‘O’ from the wordmark is extended to appear in motion, like a finger swiping across a screen.

New Color Palette The primary brand color, Zen Blue, is designed for applications both in Scrollmotion products and for the Scrollmotion brand. Zen Blue is reminiscent of the highest point in the sky above an observer, the Zenith. The rest of our digitally optimized palette is reflective of the surroundings of Scrollmotion’s San Diego and New York offices: Swell Green, Solstice Orange, Whale Gray and Metro White.

New Font Scrollmotion uses the sans-serif Brandon Grotesque for its approachable and friendly rounded edges and streamlined geometric forms.

Redesigned Website The new light and spacious tone of the website echos a key principal of Scrollmotion products: keep the focus on the content. It showcases real world examples of companies using the Ingage Platform to improve their business.