Ingage Intro Video

This is the video we used in digital ads
and garnered a 1% CTR across target segments.

A Few Things to Note

Makeup artist Tiffany Bartok (left) increased her client bookings from
1 in 10 from PDF price lists to 3 of 3 Ingage Stories sent to prospective clients.

The middle video is a quick demo of how Mary Kay uses the Scrollmotion Enterprise Platform to build sales apps for 85,000 reps around the world.

The right video shows Ingage users what they can do
with the "House Tour" template included within the app.


Makeup Artist Testimonial



Mary Kay Showcase Reel



House Tour Storyline


Ingage Stories in Target Segments

An Ingage story offers the best of native storytelling and visual content marketing, whether someone is selling real estate, makeup, or services.
Here are some of our favorites.