Meet Ken Soliz

ken1Title: Director of Information Technology

New York or San Diego office? New York

Where did you go to college? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

What was your major? I double-majored in Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT).

How did you get into CSE and IT? I got into it when I was young. My uncle was an engineer by trade. He was the one who gave me my first computer. It was very old; it only had 640k of memory and an EGA monitor that only displayed 4 colors.

How long have you worked at ScrollMotion? I started last May. It’s been over a year and 7 months and this has been my favorite place in my career.

What is your favorite thing about your career? The progress I’ve made. I’ve worked my way up into being a director. Scrollmotion by far is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I’m finally in a place where people are appreciative of what I can offer them and it keeps reciprocating. I am extremely happy here and I love the people I work with.

What is the first CD/album you ever bought? Cookie Monster’s Alphabet Song. I think it was called “C is for Cookie”.

What music are you currently listening to? Old rock such as the Beatles, Morrison, Foreigner, and Tom Petty. I am very eclectic when it comes to music.

Who was the last person who called or texted you? My brother.

What TV show are you currently watching? Homeland. I’m a big Sci-fi fan. I also love Big Bang Theory, Blacklist, and the Flash. I’m a really big Sci-Fi buff and into anything with spies.

What was the last thing you searched on Google? Monitors. It was for work.

ken2If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Think Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. Basically, a nuclear accident evolved him into an omnipotent being. Really I just want to know everything.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Inconsideration. I don’t like it when people are impolite or when unfairness is happening.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Video games, as finding the time to play is getting scarcer and scarcer. I play Call of Duty with my cousin and brother as well with a couple people in the office. I also love Madden. Traveling is a close second.

How did you hear about ScrollMotion? Through a recruiter. I was looking for opportunities after my last job as a Networks Operations Center manager.

What do you love most about working at ScrollMotion? The people. I love being with people who are very dedicated into working towards a vision together, and who are just appreciative of one another. I also enjoy all the decor on the walls – it’s the first thing you look at when you walk in.

What is your favorite food? Pizza and lasagna. Cheese and sauce on everything!

What is a specialty you cook? Peppercorn encrusted filet mignon. I can also make Chicken Parmesan from scratch, sauce and all.

ken_gorillaWhat is the weirdest costume you ever put on? My most recent Halloween costume: I was a man trapken_gorilla.gifped in a cage carried by a gorilla. I won Best Costume!

What makes you happiest? Helping others give me satisfaction because it’s part of my nature and my job. A job well done makes me happy. It’s the best feeling when you put a lot of effort into a project and you get recognized.

Biggest threat to your productivity is… Multitasking too much.

And you overcome that how? Focusing one thing at a time, instead of trying to attack all at once.

You unwind by… going out and hanging out, playing video games, watching sports, or reading a book.

Of all the books you’ve read, the one book you recommend the most is… My Side of the Mountain by Gene Craighead George, written in 1959. It’s about a kid who goes into the mountains, lives inside trees, and learns all these survival skills to survive.

What is your favorite app on your phone besides ScrollMotion? Safari. I am always doing searches for information.

What is your favorite color? A vibrant metallic blue.

IT Directors cannot succeed without… the ability to research. They also cannot
succeed without experience and without the ability to prioritize and work with others.

What is the most important thing to remember in your work? Courtesy and professionalism. Those are very important things to remember when I am responding to people and when I take care of things, especially when there is a deadline.

ken4What movie makes you laugh the most? The first Austin Powers movie had me in tears but an oldie but a goodie was CannonBall Run 2. Only the older members of this audience will remember that film with the Rat Pack.

Do you have any pets? I have a bunch of fish: an upside down catfish, glow in the dark neon, and one frog. They live in the same tank.

What is your spirit animal? I would say a panther. Because panthers are stealthy, strong, sleek, a little shy, and very sexy!

If there was a ScrollMotion Talent Show, what would your talent be? Feats of memory.

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Click here to download ScrollMotion for FREE today!

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