We’re Always Working on Diversity

Being a smart, forward-looking company means learning from people with wide-ranging backgrounds, ideally through a diverse in-house workforce. Achieving true ethnic and gender diversity has always been a goal at Scrollmotion, and recent initiative by an employee helped drive intriguing new ways we might achieve that.

This year, as millions took to the streets to make their voices heard on International Women’s Day, our employee Danielle Morris found a different way to create change. She came into the office to request a sitdown with COO Doug Pierce to discuss ethnic and gender diversity at Scrollmotion. Their lengthy discussion yielded a number of clear action items we could implement right away.

A review of existing metrics confirmed that our company was at a good starting place toward achieving diversity, with 29% of our workforce women and 34% persons of color, combining to a 50% total. But those figures also showed that there was much work to be done. To demonstrate our diversity opportunity to the Senior Leadership Team, Danielle turned to the industry’s best presentation tool—Ingage, of course. Her powerful story evoked a positive response from the team members, who offered their ongoing support.

To implement our newfound action items, we started by sharing our goals and current state of diversity in a companywide meeting to promote transparency and build support. Next, we initiated a mentorship program that encourages employees to reach out to role models within the company to help them succeed.

We’re also promoting ethnic diversity through our recruiting efforts by posting jobs within LinkedIn groups and career sites that target women and people of color. I’m happy to say that our managers have been tremendously supportive of this outreach and have asked to see a more diverse range of candidates as we build out our teams. And given my role in Human Resources, I’m personally thrilled to see a more diverse base of candidates bringing a greater range of ideas and experiences to the table.

On the gender diversity front, Danielle joined employees Andrea Ullrich and Amie Barder in launching an ongoing Women’s Brunch series. At these events, female team members from both offices meet via videoconference to discuss their careers, insights, and ideas as women working in tech: still an underrepresented minority industrywide.

There’s still a lot to be done at our company, but we’re just getting started. We’re preparing to launch a reverse mentoring program that will provide managers—and all employees—with open and honest discussion about diversity issues in the workplace. Through programs like these, Scrollmotion shows its commitment to building a team that accurately reflects the gender and ethnic diversity of our user base—and our world.

— Tanya Voytus, Human Resources