Welcome to Ingage

A message from Alan Braun, CEO

Well, I can’t believe it’s actually here. Product launch day to me always feels like a combination of being at the top of a roller coaster right before the first big drop, preparing to ace a really hard test (but knowing there will be surprises), and being a kid looking forward to my birthday.

When I joined Scrollmotion last March, this incredible team was already hard at work building an iPad product totally different than anything on the market today. Honestly, my jaw dropped when I realized what was possible with Ingage. I worked at Apple for 6 years and my time there was focused on helping large companies and developers make their apps better. Even after working with countless app developers, I was really impressed with the team’s capabilities to execute on the mission of democratizing content creation for mobile devices.

So today we bring you Ingage, a truly new way to create and share interactive experiences on an iPad.

To be honest, it’s been hard for us to define what Ingage is, because we’ve seen it used in so many interesting ways. Anyone with a portfolio loves Ingage because their work looks really great when a little bit of interactivity is added to a collection of photos and videos. But we’ve also had real estate agents tell us that Ingage will help them sell more houses and win more listings. We have retail stores and bakeries using Ingage as a kiosk to explain ingredients, and architects using it to show their drawings and renders. We’ve really seen Ingage shine with product presentations and catalogs. It’s amazing to see how a customer lights up when their finger is controlling a product 360 video that was made just minutes before!

The best thing about Ingage to me is how you share. Every Ingage story you make can be shared to anyone via email, text, Facebook or Twitter, and Ingage automatically turns the story into a web link for viewing if someone doesn’t have an iPad. Any updates get automatically pushed to everyone you’ve shared your story with—even the web.

So after 18 months, hundreds of customer interviews, constant design and usability testing, thousands of lines of code, hundreds of bugs filed, and too many sleepless nights, it’s finally here. I can’t wait to see what you make!

We really want to hear about your experiences with Ingage, and suggestions for making the product better in the future. You can email me directly, talk to Amie in customer success, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

—Alan Braun, CEO