Our Modern Storytellers

We are in the age of photography’s democratization. Every one of us is now a relentless documentarian, preserving the elusive moments of our lives. “Stay, this moment—you are so fair,” said Virginia Woolf, and we whip out our iPhones to prove to posterity that it is fair, or rather was. The clock is ticking, the moment has an expiration date. And some moments are more fair than others.

IMGP5762There are those among us that are doing the same for the planet, chasing the moment as species go extinct or new life unfurls, as the daily rhythm of life beats on in ways profound and mundane. These professional seers bear witness, to prove we exist, to preserve what is here, to tell our stories.
I’m talking about the Photographers. They are not casual but professional observers. They chase the story of life across the globe, in search of the next story to record.

May has been designated Photo Month—I don’t know by whom—but we may as well concede that we are in a golden age of photography and every month is now a photo month. The sheer number of people communicating through photography on Instagram—700,000,000 strong—proves it.

This fair month of May, I will be working alongside four of the best of our modern storytellers, creating Ingage stories from selected bodies of work that document otherwise untold narratives. If a photograph never leaves the Photos app, the act of taking it is akin to the sound of one hand clapping. Storytelling, in contrast, is the explicit sharing of these stories. Every culture known to man creates stories, and compelling stories have the power to change perceptions.

That is exactly what these four photographers do professionally—they change perceptions and make a difference by doing so. Join us through the month as we reveal their profiles.

I’ll be talking to David Liittschwager, Karla Gachet, Ira Block, and Ami Vitale. Each of them works in their own area of inquiry, whether it is the human condition or the natural world, or the intersection of both.

We’ll kick off the week tomorrow with David Liittschwager, a photographer whose work bridges both fine art and natural history. His quest is to document the planet’s biodiversity in its infinite variety, presenting the photographs as gentle impetus to preserve.

Every week will feature a different photographer, culminating in a Facebook Live event where the featured photographer will be available for questions about their work. We will give away an annual subscription to the Ingage app to the first 3 people attending the event.

This is a great opportunity to engage with some of the master storytellers of our time. Be there!

—Lisa Lytton, Senior Director of Product Design