Looking Back on an Amazing Year


I’m Alan Braun, the CEO here at Scrollmotion. This month marks my one-year anniversary at the company, and here are some surprising lessons I’ve learned in the past year.

Lesson #1: You need more than great product.

Before Scrollmotion I was at Apple, which is where I met Josh Koppel from this company. In mid-2015 I suggested to Josh that his company should build an iPad content-creation app to help small businesses create interactive presentations.

When I joined Scrollmotion a year ago, I came in to run product. But soon I started noticing some gaps in the sales process and marketing approach. I realized that we could have a great product, but if we don’t have a great sales and marketing strategy, it wouldn’t matter what we had. Late last year, Scrollmotion put me in the CEO position so I was able to get marketing going, I was able to get sales going, and I was able to focus on the bigger picture here.

Lesson #2: Everyone matters.

When I came on board a year ago to help build the app, the company’s main focus was creating custom workforce apps for huge enterprise clients. As Ingage came to life, I realized that Scrollmotion would have to divide its efforts between our existing service business and this product business that we were building. So I knew I had to find ways to keep the two teams together, unified and working in tandem towards a common goal.

Of course there’s a tendency to be excited about the newest thing. But working on Ingage has really made me appreciate our enterprise development team: they’re the R&D engine to the future. Their eight years of experience in building interactive content for large companies have given the Ingage product a huge head start. We’re constantly borrowing knowledge, ideas, and even staff from the service business; without it, I can’t even imagine what Ingage would be today.

Lesson #3: It’s a balancing act.

Becoming CEO wasn’t just about building product and developing sales and marketing. It meant learning finance and digging into all the budgets. It meant finding ways to work with operations and HR and people. Every day when I wake up I have to say, what do I really need to focus on today to get this product out the door. And I think that’s been the most eye-opening experience in the year.

From one year ago to today, this company is an entirely different place. It is transformed. One, we have a product in the market that’s absolutely incredible. Two, we have marketing in Scrollmotion like we’ve never had. Third, we have a sales leader that deeply understands selling mobility solutions to the business market. Finally, our team has transitioned beautifully to add product focus to its service business, and I couldn’t be more proud.