Kiosk Mode: Keep Customers Focused on Your Story

It’s awesome to hear businesses tell us they’re displaying Ingage stories on an iPad kiosk, set up either in-store or at a trade show exhibit. But to prevent customers randomly checking news and email, they wish they could limit access to just their Ingage story.

That wish has now been granted with the addition of “Kiosk Mode” in our latest app update. When Kiosk Mode is activated, all editing capabilities are removed, leaving just your polished presentations. You can set Kiosk Mode to allow access to all of the Ingage stories you’ve created, or just one in particular.

kiosk mode

The secret to using Kiosk Mode is perfecting the “triple-press” power move. Like Dorothy’s heels in Oz, click the home button three times and say, “There’s no place like kiosk mode,” and you’ll be there.

For instructions about turning on Kiosk Mode and iPad’s Guided Access functionality, click here.

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