How a Little Idea Became a Big Deal

IMG_1031.JPGHey there. I’m Josh, founder and Chief Creative Officer here at Scrollmotion, Ingage’s parent company. To kick off this blog series, I thought I’d tell you a little about where Ingage came from and where we see it going.

The idea for Ingage started in a conference room in Cupertino, born out of the ashes of a disastrous meeting with Apple. We were showing them software for building interactive presentations that was feature-rich but frankly complicated to use—the learning curve was pretty steep. When we told them the target market was small business owners (who probably couldn’t master its intricacies), two of the guys in the room just shook their heads and walked out.

Fortunately the third guy, Alan Braun, recognized the hidden potential in our product and stuck around. “Why don’t you put all this stuff on iPad and make it really easy for people to use?” he said. “Why don’t you reinvent your product so it actually delivers on its promise—empowering everyday people to create interactive content on devices?” Boom! At that moment, Ingage was born.

Suddenly Scrollmotion had a mandate, we had a vision. We knew iPad was this amazing tool and we had been building custom apps for the world’s biggest companies for the past several years. Our mission was to use Ingage to give those same super powers to regular businesses.

Before Ingage, there hadn’t been this kind of marketing tool to help small businesses do more with less. We’d spent eight years equipping the largest companies on earth with interactive sales apps. We knew this software costs big money once you figure in research, designers, and developers. Now, for a miniscule cost—for free, even—we’d be giving that amazing interactive power to anybody who needs to sell a product or service, from an art supply company to a wedding photographer. They could have the same power that cost corporations millions of dollars only a year ago.

Ingage has been up on the App Store for a couple months but the response has been amazing. We’ve seen beautiful, super-polished Ingage stories from tiny yet motivated businesses: a juice bar’s tasty-looking kiosk, an architecture firm’s hotel concept, a gallery promoting work from an undiscovered master, real estate listings around the country. I have to say, it makes us incredibly proud to give voices to these smaller players. Our goal is to level the playing field so the winners aren’t necessarily the biggest companies but the ones with the biggest ideas.

Thanks for reading; I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with you in the weeks to come.

Josh Koppel

PS: that guy Alan in the conference room? He joined us at Scrollmotion soon afterwards, and he’s now our CEO. You’ll be hearing from him regularly as well.