Employee Recognition: Joel Lassiter


If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, I’d like to introduce you to Joel Lassiter, the second recipient of our employee recognition award this quarter. As Director of Product Operations in our New York office, Joel oversees the development and production servers and manages builds for all products and their components. In other words, he’s responsible for the backbone of our software product and development environment, so a lot of people depend on him. (No pressure, Joel!)

Raised in South Carolina, Joel studied IT programming and Business Information Systems before joining us here at Scrollmotion. Joel says he appreciates our company’s flexible work schedule and location as well as our work-life balance. Speaking of balance, Joel himself is a master: he juggles a wide range of internal and external-facing responsibilities while making it all look easy.

For starters, Joel provides help to clients using our software product and assists our customer support team in quickly resolving customers’ issues. He received a shoutout for his skill in resolving a connection issue between the Zendesk customer support app and Jira bug-tracking system that slowed resolution of user issues.

@jlassiter for working on the weekend to upgrade JIRA. Also helping resolve issue with Zendesk to JIRA linking. Thanks again Joel. #deliver

Joel also works closely with our engineering team, which is busy building exciting new features for our customers. He won praise for facilitating a quick Ingage app build so the review team could see how engineers are harnessing a new iPad technology.

@jlassiter for so quickly getting a build done for us off a feature branch, so the team can have a look at the good work the iOS team has been doing to support Split Screen on the iPad. #deliver

In addition, Joel supports our creative services team as they design beautiful custom work for clients. In one case he resolved a problem surrounding SEP functionality on the Chrome browser: glitches that prevented the loading of critical assets.

@jlassiter for resolving critical SEP Chrome issue. #deliver

It is in both Joel’s role and his personality to not only make sure issues don’t arise in the first place, but also to be responsive to issues and minor changes when they do. Joel’s lighting-speed fixes earned him numerous shoutouts specifically praising him for “being on point.”

@jlassiter for being on point yet again and fixing a website issue over the weekend! #deliver

Though he’d probably say he’s “just doing his job”, Joel routinely resolves issues that are meaningful—even mission-critical—to other stakeholders. In a company like ours, it’s crucial to hit development milestones and reach customer-support goals; Joel’s responsiveness and ingenuity put Scrollmotion ahead of the curve. Please join me in thanking Joel for his amazing success in keeping us all on track.

— Tanya Voytus, Human Resources