Dare to Compare

Here at Ingage HQ, we are all about interactivity AND engagement. You could say that interactivity on iPads is in our DNA, so it isn’t surprising that we are constantly thinking up new ways for our users to create interactive moments that are guaranteed to grab attention.

The Compare page is our newest offering in the interactive WOW department. Drag two photos into the Compare template, align them, then sit back and enjoy the interactive magic you’ve created.

But, you say, there must be a trick. And there is…it’s up to you to create the kind of content that uses Compare to its best advantage. Say you’re a makeup artist, and you’ve just given the best makeover of your life. Think about how much more impressive a Compare page will be to prospective customers when they see what your client looked like before your magic. Slide between the before-and-after pictures and you’ve just created an incredibly powerful sales tool.

Or, you are a builder and you want to show how much better that 70’s Harvest Gold kitchen looks with an updated aesthetic. You can show before-and-afters all day long! Compare makes it easy to make your point visually, without a lot of words. Pictures are easy, words are hard!

You can also get creative with the Compare page and use it to reveal. One of the cleverest uses for this page is to create a graph and then slowly reveal the upward trajectory of your sales, like the example below. Check out the step-by-step instructions to build this page.

Shall I liken the Compare page to a summer’s day? Only if I have a photo of the same day in winter and I can drag between them! The Compare page is limited by your imagination alone. 

Take it for a spin today.