7 Tips for Building Your Best Ingage Story

Ingage makes creating your story so easy that it’s pretty hard not to make something great. Here are our basic guidelines for knocking it out of the park from the start.

1. Storytelling: We’ve found that a 3-part story is usually the most successful. Start by telling the user who you are, move on to presenting your product or services, and then ask for something at the end (i.e. “share your email and we’ll send you a copy of this story”). Need an example? Explore the Inspiration tab in Stories.

2. High-Quality Assets: Highlight your product or service in the best light possible—literally! Your story is a direct reflection of your business, and these days customers expect to see nice looking photos and videos no matter how big your business is. Here are our guidelines for optimal photo and video resolution. If you don’t have the pictures you need, we’ve partnered with Shutterstock to give you great prices on more than 100 million beautiful images right in Ingage. You can search, try as many as you’d like, and then buy them to use in any of your stories.

3. Color Story: Play it cool with blues and greens or warm folks up with yellows and reds. Sticking to a particular color theme throughout your story gives it a sense of unity and helps reinforce your brand.

4. Visual Pacing: Varying layouts and interactive page types sustains interest over multiple pages. Try some portrait and some landscape. Play with multi-image pages. Include a few full-screen shots along the way.


5. Interactivity: The more engaged your customer is with your story, the more time they’ll spend with it and the more impact it will have. One of the best ways to engage is to involve. By including interactive page types (Points of Interest, video, scrollmotion, compare), you’ll get their fingers tapping and sales flowing.

6. Length: Even though our Plus subscription allows for an unlimited number of pages per story, you should try to limit yourself! We recommend that your story fall somewhere in the range of 6 to 15 pages to keep it at a thorough yet digestible amount of information.

7. Size: If you have a free account, your story needs to be under 200 MB in order to share it. Why would we constrain you in this way? This max size makes the download time shorter for your customer and uses less of their device storage. Really need some extra space? Our Plus plan bumps the max up to 500 MB.